Venable Foundation Annual Report | FY2022

Last year, the Venable Foundation accommodated the needs of nonprofit organizations that focus directly on our funding priorities, including legal services, humanitarian efforts, and youth services. More than ever before, we maintained an open door to organizations that had never received funding from the Foundation, including numerous first-time awardees. Indeed, in 2022 the demand for dollars was greater than ever—funding requests rose by 18%—and we provided increased dollars to our communities in six cities. The number of grants awarded grew by 23%, from 346 organizations in 2021 to 427 last year, and we were pleased to report that our total award disbursement also grew commensurately. Our philanthropy continued to focus on the firm’s office locations, and 2022 also saw the expansion of the Foundation’s reach into the Chicago market with our first round of grants. Our expansion to new offices in Florida will allow the Foundation to introduce itself to the nonprofit community in Miami over the coming years. While the Foundation’s grantmaking has traditionally focused on domestic organizations, we felt it was important, as Russia invaded Ukraine, that the firm support those affected by the war. In March we provided a $50,000 emergency grant to World Central Kitchen. That grant supported the Washington-based nonprofit’s work to feed Ukrainians 100,000 meals a day in five countries across Eastern Europe. Funded annually by the equity partners of the firm, in 2022 the Venable Foundation held steadfast in its commitment to promote the well-being of our diverse communities. This is accomplished through the targeted funding of key nonprofit organizations providing essential services that allow individuals to thrive. The Commitment PHOTOS: Members of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, photo by Dario Calmese; LavaMae X ; A Sense of Home; and Step Afrika!