Advertising Law Tool Kit - Ninth Edition | 2021

On behalf of Venable’s award-winning advertising law team, we’re delighted to provide you with this latest version of our Advertising Law Tool Kit . Though it cannot take the place of qualified, fact-specific legal advice, this collection of background information and checklists is designed to help marketers identify potentially problematic advertising practices. Over time, this guide will grow with the addition of more sections authored by attorneys across Venable’s Advertising and Marketing practice and from other, related areas of the firm. Venable has one of the largest advertising law practices in the country. As evidenced by the far-ranging topics covered in this tool kit, our practice is large and diverse. With some of the best-known attorneys in the industry and several former senior government officials, Venable has the depth, experience, and insight to help marketers of every shape and size manage regulatory and legal risks. Furthermore, our breadth and experience allow us to respond to client needs in an efficient and practical manner. To stay even more up to date on advertising and marketing law developments, we hope you’ll subscribe to our award-winning blog, . To arrange a conversation about a specific legal need, or to suggest a topic for inclusion in a subsequent edition of the Advertising Law Tool Kit, please contact any of the attorneys listed in this booklet. To download the most recent edition of the Advertising Law Tool Kit , visit Advertising Law Tool Kit Venable / 3 ©2021 Venable LLP. This informational piece is published by the law firm of Venable LLP. It is not intended to provide legal advice or opinion. Such advice may be given only when it is related to specific fact situations that Venable has accepted an engagement as counsel to address. This information is current as of August 2, 2021. 21-452.