Don’t Blink

Your Partner Today, Creating Opportunities for Tomorrow More than ever, rapid changes are transforming how our clients operate. To anticipate what lies ahead, to see opportunity amid uncertainty, attorneys must always be looking toward tomorrow. From government to business, intellectual property to litigation, our professionals have a strong track record of delivering results for our clients. Our success is driven by a commitment to understanding the industries we serve, and the immediate pressures they are facing. As companies rely increasingly on remote work, attorneys in our preeminent privacy and cybersecurity practice are working alongside government officials and business leaders to craft federal privacy legislation that will set new standards for consumer protections and make data less vulnerable to breach or misuse. Many of our life sciences attorneys hold advanced degrees and have contributed original research in fields ranging from biochemistry to immunology, empowering them to quickly appreciate new discoveries and developments. With decades of government and private sector experience, our transportation team is equipped to help leading industry players navigate the complex regulations governing autonomous vehicles, drones, hyperloop, and other emerging technologies. Similarly, Venable attorneys guide the development of spaceports, interstate highways, and other ambitious infrastructure projects in the United States and beyond. And, in the courtroom, we have obtained precedent-setting verdicts in cases heard at all levels involving novel issues of antitrust, commercial, and product liability law, among others. By engaging deeply with the cutting-edge issues of today, we are continually expanding the knowledge that allows us to help our clients determine the future. . Immersed in the present, prepared for the future.